Cruise Ship Travel


cruise ship is a passenger ship used for pleasure voyages . The ship are always equipped with all that is necessary for the entire journey. Replenishment is made when needed at every port of call. Usually the cruise ship carry large number of travelers and drops tourists at different destinations along the circuit. More are let on board to subsequent destinations. Most commonly operated cruise ship model is the dedicated ocean line voyagers that travels along a dedicated path with designated ports of call. It goes around almost all major ports around the world in a prescribed travel  calendar. 

Big Five Safari

 Big Five  Safari is an expedition  to the wild to meet the five dominant wild animals in the jungle. These includes The Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, and the Giraffe. 

Grevy Safari

 Grevy's Safari is all about the Grevy Zebra. A near extinct species of Zebra with habitats in the grassland areas of Kenya especially the Samburu National game reserve. 

Big Cats Safari

 The big cat family refers to a family of the lion, cheetah, leopard, tiger and the Felidae  cat


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