5-Day Best of Mid-Range Northern Circuit



This 5-day lodge and tented camp safari allow us to experience the highlights of the Northern Safari Circuit. We’ll experience breathtaking wildlife in the midst of diverse landscapes; monkeys in the forest, lions in the trees, elephants amongst the acacias and a huge variety of animals inside a collapsed volcano. We’ll also visit the Serengeti, home to some 3 million animals. These spectacular grass plains offer the best opportunity for viewing cheetah, leopard, and lion, in the true wild.

DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 1 hours before departure
Extensive Game drives Pre-tour itinerary document All meals included while on safari
All applicable Game Park entrance fees Guaranteed window seating with an open top Safari vehicles carry cold drinks and mineral water
Finest accommodations Round trip transport in 4×4 safari jeep Multi-lingual Professional Safari Guide/ Driver
Communication expenses
Guide gratuity


Day 1:Arrival in Arusha

You will be picked up from the airport by a company representative and conveyed to your accommodation in Arusha. There you will spend the night, relax, and prepare in anticipation for the adventures to come. Our partner lodge, Arusha Planet Lodge, is an oasis of calm and aesthetic pleasure.

Overnight at Arusha Planet Lodge
Meal Plan {Lunch & Dinner}

Day 2:Tarangire National Park

After breakfast, our safari guide collects us from our lodge for the drive to Tarangire National Park (approximately 2 hours). Tarangire, best known for its elephant families, savannah, iconic baobab trees, and seasonal swamps, is so named for the life-giving Tarangire River. Animals gather at the river and giraffe, bushbuck, and hartebeest, are often seen. The park, also home to buffalo, zebra, and wildebeest, all of whom are closely attended by a range of predators, Simba the King, and his cousin, the leopard. From the open roof of our state-of-the-art safari truck, we will be able to absorb the landscape and watch the wildlife. We’ll enjoy a picnic lunch in the park, which includes a deliciously varied repast, coffee, and soft drinks. After a full day soaking up the sights of the park, we will drive to our lodgings where we take the opportunity to relax, enjoy dinner in aesthetic surrounds, and retire to our well-appointed quarters when the spirit moves us.

Overnight at Eileen’s Trees Inn
Meal Plan {Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner}

Day 3: Ngorongoro Crater to Serengeti National Park

After an early breakfast, we boot up and head out towards the Ngorongoro Crater, the world’s largest volcanic caldera. Almost 20 km wide, approximately 600 m deep and known for its large variety of wildlife, the caldera, formed at the explosion of a volcano some three million years ago, was once taller than Kilimanjaro. As a self-contained paradise, the caldera hosts an abundance of the finest animal life on the planet. In addition to the Big Five, the various springs attract animals such as wildebeest, gazelle, reedbuck, and more than 500 bird species. At approximately 2:00 pm, we’ll head towards the Serengeti, arriving at our lodgings in a high-grade tented camp at roughly 6:00 pm. The Serengeti, ‘Endless Plain’ in Maa, the tongue of the Maasai is the largest park in Tanzania. It is also home to diverse landscapes and habitats such as grassy plains, swamps, lakes, Savannah, mountains and all of the creatures there inhabiting.

Overnight at Embalakai Camp
Meal Plan {Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner

Day 4:Serengeti National Park to Karatu

We will once more enjoy an early breakfast and set off on our game drive at about 6:30 am. We’ll spend 6-7 hours exploring this incredible park. The Serengeti is the habitat for an abundance of wildlife, such as impala, buffalo, crocodile and hippo. However, it is more well-known for its great migrating herds of zebras (two hundred and fifty thousand), wildebeest (one and a half million), and antelope (half a million). The animals’ trek is determined by the rainfall and varies from year to year. Apart from the migrating herds, we may see predators, such as leopard, cheetah, and lion, plying their rough trade. At roughly 2:00 pm, we’ll head back to Karatu, arriving at our carefully selected mid-range partner lodge for dinner. You’ll dine in an excellently appointed restaurant, with a pool for relaxation. If desired you can have a digest if by the fire below the endless African sky. Later, go to our capacious quarters awaiting us for a night of ease and dreams of wild cats!

Overnight at Eileen’s Trees Inn
Meal Plan {Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner}

Day 5:Lake Manyara National Park to Arusha

After breakfast, we’ll make the short drive to Lake Manyara National Park. Manyara, a relatively small but diverse park, 120 km west of Arusha, is so named for the shallow salt lake that occupies a good 70% of the park’s land. Flooding and drying seasonally, this soda lake is home to thousands of flamingos and over 500 other bird species. On our exploration of the park we will see monkeys, giraffes, zebras, wildebeests, buffalo, elephants, and with some luck, lions lounging in the trees. The park is known for its diverse landscapes; not only open grassy plains but also primate-filled woodlands and baobab dotted cliffs.
We’ll return to Arusha after lunch, our adventure having here come to its inevitable close. You’ll be arriving at roughly 5:00 pm.

Meal Plan {Breakfast & Lunch}


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